19 days to odor training

This is a compilation of the GSP I am working with currently. I want everyone to realize that this is very simple to do and gives great results.

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Quotes to remember

"The only thing two dog trainers will always agree on, is what a third dog trainer is doing wrong"

"The handler always gets the dog he deserves"

"The handlers goal is 300 points, the dogs goal is to meet his drives aim, the two are incongruent"

Second day odor discrimination with puppy Task

I did not video day one as there was a lot of trial and error to this dog managing the task.  The problem was primarily a preference for using feet to manipulate the odor cones. Raising them seem to be the easiest solution. The odor is- http://research.fiu.edu/ored/innovation-and-economic-dev/technologies/ip1009/

This was an 11 min session with multiple criteria

1 Identifying odor

2 Extending focus on odor source

3 Self control- no nudging or paw work

I promise to get better at video quality and editing.

Initial stages of food machine training

A to B for food machine. Handler moving as distraction. Finished with with hand target as an additional behavior. Ten week old pup, third session with food machine.

The teaser pole

We have placed a lot of emphasis on environmental conditioning. A short video on how to build by favorite toy to build desire and possession of a play object. There are many ways to do this, i prefer this type toy.

Environmental training in young Labs

A program participant  and his brother came to visit so we took two young labs through an series of exercises.